Return Shipping Labels for packages up to 4 oz.


We offer an easy way to return your product which also saves you money from the post office, and time from waiting in long lines.

Order a Label - Print - Drop-Off


  1. Securely package the product into a shipping bag, not a box.
  2. Weigh the entire contents including the shipping bag. ROUND UP to whole number- This is the weight of your package.
  3. ENSURE your weight does not exceed 4 oz.
  4. If the weight of the actual product is more than the purchased label, we will cancel the label.
  5. When the fee is purchased correctly, a printable shipping label is emailed to you within 24 hrs.

Fresh & Fit Attire Provides World-Wide Shipping When Available

Our office and main warehouse is located in the city of Pasco, Washington, United States. We offer very quick US domestic delivery for products available in-house. On average 2-5 business days.

We are also manufacturers' direct distributors, and offer a wider selection of products than most other stores by partnering with several manufacturers from around the world. We have manufacturer-to-customer direct shipping, which means we cut out unnecessary shipping and bringing down the extra cost that other stores have! These products are marked with as asterisk (*). Some of our manufacturers are overseas, therefore shipping may take a bit longer than domestic.

Returns & Refund Policy

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