Truth #1: You'll hit a plateau. Your body becomes accustomed to your normal routines. Even PT’s will reach out for another trainers program to try something new to see more results.

Truth #2: When aiming for weight loss, you need someone to hold you accountable because it’s very easy to fall back into your comfort zone. Most people know what they need to do to get in shape, but it usually comes down to the accountability from a trainer.

Truth #3: Getting on a personal plan is convenient. It’s easier with someone to send you a workout plan and a meal plan, than figuring it out on your own.

Basic Plans

  • Choose from 3 plans: Muscle-Gain, Weight-Loss, Strength-Training
  • 6-week schedule
  • Exercises provided through our app
  • Video demonstration of exercises


$17 Basic Fit Plan

$17 Basic Meal Plan

$25 Basic Fit & Meal Plan
(saves $9)


  • Individualized by our certified fitness coaches to meet your goals
  • 6-week schedule / workouts in phone app
  • Video demonstration of exercises
  • Free Apparel with Combo Package


$67 Custom Fit Plan

$67 Custom Meal Plan

$137 Custom Fit & Meal Plan + FNF Apparel
(get free apparel of $40 value)


  • 6-week workout & meal schedule
  • Plans provided through our convenient app
  • Customized to meet your goals
  • 24/7 coaches to answer your questions
  • Extra push daily for your success


$197 Custom Fit Plan + Coaching

$227 Custom Fit Plan + Coaching + FNF Apparel
(get free apparel of $40 value)


The finish touches are being added to our personal plans. Enrollment starting soon!

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